Thematic educations

Thematic trainings

Thematic trainings
COMMUNICATION SKILLS: How to manage communication.
This course helps to overcome communication problems, leading to higher personal and organizational achievements.
This course helps to improve communication in the team.
This course provides tools for recognizing and managing motives. Conflict resolution This course helps develop skills related to conflict resolution. Stress management This training is for everyone who would like to learn to live fully, to develop all their personal potential and to turn every stressful situation into an opportunity for self-affirmation. “We have much more ability than will, and often this is an occasion to excuse ourselves and imagine that some things are unattainable.” François de La Rochefoucauld Assertive behavior in a work environment The training is for those who would like to maximize their potential in the workplace and achieve confidence that will allow them to be more effective in the performance of their duties.
Professional orientation
Professional guidance includes activities for professional information and professional counseling of the person when making a decision to choose and realize a certain profession and the related professional qualification.
Professionally informed
Professional information is applied when the individual can orientate himself in choosing a profession and realize it in the presence of appropriate information. Professional information is a process of accumulating information necessary for the individual to make a decision regarding the choice of a profession, a path to acquiring this profession, an educational institution, etc.
Professional consulting
Professional counseling is the support and stimulation of a free and independent choice of profession or alternative. The main thing that needs to be decided is diagnosis of the interests of the person, evaluation of the possibilities and stating the reasons for choosing a profession. Consulting Projects of the European Union – operational programs; Rules for application and implementation; Financing; Development; Project management mechanisms; Business planning; Personnel selection – demand and supply;