Sales, Repair, Subscription Support

Computer trading


Trade in new and used computer equipment. Assembly of computer systems.

Replacement shipping


Delivery and replacement of computer devices and accessories, printers, cameras and projectors.

Last version


Sale of licensed software.

Network services

Security monitoring

Network equipment, design and construction of computer networks, structured cabling.

Service Repair

Data recovery

After warranty and subscription service. Repair of computer equipment.

Office equipment


Qualified consultations for the purchase of office equipment.

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Learning base

The Training Center

Complex professional decisions

Curricula and educational programmes in conformity with the labour market demands;

Theory & practice balanced courses allowing an optimal application of the knowledge and the skills acquired;

Excellent professionals – teachers and educators having obtained qualification in this country and abroad, knowledgeable of the latest development in the respective sphere, the innovative forms and methods of education;Code of Ethics – drawn-up and laid down in the company’s quality policy: ‘Our aspiration to win and maintain the trust of our customers is founded on a transparent policy and a developed strategy aiming at enhancing the quality of our products and services as an absolute company priority’;

Mission #1

To promote European norms, standards and practices in education, qualification and training;

To cooperate in and provide training for people who are underprivileged on the labour market including unqualified young people in need of additional training;

To organize training to prepare specialists in the field of designing, building and maintaining computer networks;

Mission #2

To cooperate in and conduct activities aimed at developing, implementing, testing, assessing and disseminating groundbreaking products including the training of trainers;

To contribute to the application of information technologies and the spread of innovative approaches in vocational education and training;

To interact and cooperate with entities performing related activities including European organizations.

Expected Results