TheDigital Competence course affords you the opportunity to acquire basic skills for work with Microsoft Office.

You will be able to knowledgeably manage information stored in a computer, as well as to retrieve it on paper or by means of e-mail;

You will be able to create files and folders, to enter diverse office documents containing text, tables, charts; to copy, move, delete or send them via the company computer network or Internet;

You will learn how to retrieve useful information from Internet;

You will accumulate enough knowledge and practical experience in order to be able to independently build on the acquired applied computer literacy by means of additional literature or continued training;

Those who have successfully completed the training course will receive a Key Digital Competence Certificate.

           Number of hours: 45-60.


VEDA Consult EOODoffers foreign language classes in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian in conformity with the training scheme – number of hours and intensiveness. The intensiveness and the duration of the training courses depend on the availability of the trainees to regularly attend classes.

The foreign language education involves the application of modern teaching aids; it focuses on the development of communication skills, the reproduction of texts, reading and listening with comprehension, projecting topics and situations, etc. so that after covering the subject matter laid down in the curriculum, the trainees will have acquired skills corresponding to the respective level of the Common European Framework.

Common European Framework Reference for Languages

The European Language Portfolio is based on the Common European Framework Reference for Languages developed by the Council of Europe. This instrument describes what learners are supposed to know in order to successfully communicate at a certain level. The globally accepted scale makes use of three broad divisions – A, B and C – that are divided into 6 levels.

VEDA Consult EOOD Vocational Education and Training Centre

The Centre organizes and provides both employed and unemployed people with training for acquiring professional qualification in 62 occupations and 95 specialties to them under curricula and educational programmes endorsed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training.

VEDA Consult EOOD Vocational Education and Training Centre holds License No 200312045 granted by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria.


The training classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers with long experience in the field of vocational education and training and adult education.

The training programmes are drawn up on the principle of educational modules. Determined by the endorsed curriculum, they encompass motivational, language and computer training, as well as specialized sectoral training and professional preparation.
The learners who have successfully completed the course of education are issued legitimate state certificates:

Certificate of Acquired Qualification issued after the completion of the full course of education and minimum attendance of theory and practice hours for acquiring right to practice the professions designated by the Ministry of Education and Science.


VEDA Consult EOOD Vocational Education and Training Centre



LicenseNo 200312045

Issued on the grounds of Article 22, Paragraph 6 of the Bulgarian Vocational Education and Training Act and a decision of the Managing Board of the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (Proceedings No11 of July 23rd, 2003)



How to Manage Communication

This course helps learners overcome communication problems leading them to higher personal and organizational achievements.

Team Work

This course helps learners improve team communication.


This course provides tools for identification and management of motives.

Conflict Resolution

This course helps learners develop skills related to conflict resolution.

Stress Management

This training is addressed to all who want to learn how to live a fulfilling life; to unfold their individual potential and turn every stress situation into a self-fulfillment opportunity.

‘We have many more opportunities than determination, and it is often a pretext for self-excusing and imagining that some things are unattainable.’ – Francois La Rochefoucauld

Assertiveness in the Workplace

The training is addressed to those who want to optimally unfold their potential in the workplace and achieve self-confidence that will allow them to perform their duties more effectively.

Professional Orientation

Professional orientation comprises activities aimed at professional information and career guidance of the individuals in their choice of profession and decision-making followed by professional qualification and self-fulfillment in a definite occupation. 

Career Information

Career information is applied when individuals are able to orientate themselves towards the choice of a profession and to achieve self-fulfillment under the availability of pertinent information. Career information is a process of accumulating information necessary for individuals to take decisions as to the choice of profession, the way of acquiring qualification to practice the profession, the educational establishment, etc.

Career Advising

Career advising is aimed to support and motivate learners to make a free and independent choice of profession or an alternative. It focuses on the identification of individual interests and the assessment of capabilities and motives for the choice of profession.


EU Projects – Operational Programmes;

Application & Implementation Rules;



Project Management Mechanisms;

Business Planning;

Personnel Selection – Demand and Supply;